Jewellery Care Instructions

All anvaaya jewellery is made using Sterling Silver (ag93.5)

To care for your jewellery and keep it protected:

  • always store it in a cool, dry place away from environmental moisture and sunlight
  • we recommend storing smaller pieces in the soft travel pouch provided with the order
  • the green anvaaya box in which the order is received can also be used for storage
  • alternatively wrap it in acid-free tissue paper or any unbleached cotton muslin cloth and store it in an air-tight bag/container
  • do not store it in contact with any other jewellery to prevent scratching
  • avoid any hard impact to its surface to protect the metal, enamel, stone/setting from scratching, chipping or dislodging
  • avoid contact with water to retain shine and prevent pre-mature tarnish
  • do not bring it in contact with perfumes/mists/hairsprays
  • avoid contact with make-up, cosmetic mists, powders and creams
  • wipe off any spills with a soft clean cotton cloth as quickly as possible
  • do not use any chemical cleaners for cleaning
  • repolish it from a trusted jeweller if the gold polish on a piece loses its shine due to significant wear

Due to its composition, Sterling Silver is prone to tarnish over time from exposure to the atmosphere. The above steps should keep your pieces protected from tarnish for longer.

With that said, enjoy your new jewellery!